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August 15, 2013


Tamsen Spengler

Thank you for this article with the three steps the Mayor should take. I agree with the "focused Deterrence". I work downtown and ride the bus everyday. I no longer catch the bus on 3rd and Pike where I can usually get a seat and use the Columbia St stop to feel safer. It may even mean waiting for another bus to get a seat. I would prefer catching a bus on Pike and hope I can someday. Thank you for joining with Councilmember Sally and Bruce and speaking for us.
Tamsen Spengler

Greg Diddy

Round up the vagrants and deport their worthless asses. Yeah, I'm talking about the homeless, the addicts, the schizos, etc. who ended up where they are largely as a result of their bad choices. Just because their life may be a personal hell, doesn't give them the right to make everyone elses the same....

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